Flo Krisko is one of Canada's finest animal trainers, with a passion for training our furry friends, the canine!  She has taken her masterful skills beyond the basics of obedience and can teach any dog a new trick - it's all in your body language, and tone of voice, combined with patience and persistence!

Her passion led her to a career in training animals for major motion pictures, television movies and commercials; as well one 'on' one dog training for the family canine.

With over thirty years experience, Flo is sought by major studios when they come to Canada; Disney, Fox, Hallmark, and has demonstrated her talent on the set of Brokeback Mountain, Corner Gas, Beethoven's Christmas Adventure, Heartland, Pet Heroes, to name a few.

Flo has also trained cats, rabbits, horses, birds and basically is up for the challenge to train any animal!  It's a special intuitive talent that only a few have.

Locally in Alberta, many of Flo's dogs have become famous on hundreds of commercials for companies such as Claritan, Alberta Lotteries, Ford, Coors, Marks Work Wearhouse.  Trigger, is one of those famous canine actors, trained and loved by Flo since a pup; adored by many.