The canine is a highly intelligent animal, and with love and attention, all dogs can be trained to be friendly with others, love a cat not chase it, come when called and so much more.  You simply need to learn how to become a trainer first, and then put those skills in to play with your new dog.

Do you want to learn from the best!  Can you imagine working with Flo, a professional movie dog trainer who has rubbed shoulders with the best in Hollywood - a silent star herself, we could easily acknowledge her as, "Canada's Dog Whisperer".

Would you love Flo to train your dog, teach him/her a few tricks?

Would you like to bring Flo to your hometown for a community seminar?

Does your dog have behavior issues?  Flo can snap your dog out of bad habits within a few private lessons.

Are you trying to understand what is going on with your dog, why the attitude, why so aggressive, shy? Flo's intuitive aptitude has given her the gift to do animal readings.

To book Flo Krisko, contact her management to express your interest and based on Flo's availability you might have an opportunity to meet this incredible lady and canine expert!

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